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Abdul Mkith

Author and Human Trafficking Survivor

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Why I Made This Website

"After my time as a trafficking victim, I want to try to use my experience to help people to find the right services should they be unfortunate enough to be in a trafficking or modern-day slave situation.

I would also like to help people understand how traffickers obtain their victims and the signs that could indicate if you are in the presence of a modern-day slave.

It's important people understand how difficult it is to integrate into their new surroundings once free from their captors. 

Things like getting a job or finding housing. Or being able to reach their families with no contact information or language barriers.

I love what I do, I just want my story to help as many people as possible."

Abdul Mkith

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Human Trafficking facts and figures


Since 2013, there has been a consistent annual rise in the count of trafficking victims identified in Scotland. Specifically, in 2018, 228 potential victims of trafficking and exploitation were identified, and this number surged to 512 by the end of 2019, marking a significant increase of 125%.

Humza Yousaf, 2020 -  Trafficking and exploitation strategy: Third annual progress report


The majority of calls to the Modern Slavery Helpline from October 2016 to March 2018, accounting for 60.9% (50 out of 82), involved labor exploitation as the most prevalent form of exploitation. Followed by sexual exploitation as the second most frequent recorded type, with 14 reported cases.

Modern Slavery Helpline, 2018 - Modern Slavery in Scotland.


According to, The county with the strongest government response to modern slavery as of 2021 was the UK with 67.9%., 2023 - Countries with the strongest government response to modern slavery as of 2021, by country


Human trafficking victims have been recognized in every one of Scotland's 32 local authority regions, spanning urban and rural areas, including villages, islands, and cities.

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