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Published Works: Headliner
The Locket and a five taka note_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The Locket and A Five Taka Note

May 15th 2017

After being threatened by gangs in my home village in Bangladesh, I was sent by my family to the UK to be safe... The truth was very different. Scared, helpless and in a foreign place, I was taken to live with my 'aunt and uncle' who had promised to care for me and to send me to school. This was not to be.

After months of misery living with my relatives, my 'uncle' takes me to work at a local Indian restaurant. After deceiving the kind-hearted restaurant owner, MR.BASHIR, my uncle, leaves me there to work and live as a kitchen porter at the restaurant.

Everything changes a few weeks later when the restaurant employs a new chef. His name is AABZARI HUSSAIN (HOSS). He is charming, kind, and well-respected, but all was not as it seemed. Hoss keeps many terrible secrets and exposes me to a darker world that no one, especially a child, should ever see.

A world that's full of fear, drugs and violence.

This is the heart-wrenching true story of what is happening in the UK today.

Published Works: Titles
Abdu beyond the pain_edited.png

Beyond the Pain

July 30th 2022

After being torn from my family and sold into slavery in the UK, I was rescued at age fourteen. But, although settled in a loving foster home, my trials were far from over.

Beyond the Pain explores devastating issues with mental illness: my struggle as a child coming out of care, finding my identity, gaining employment, and my efforts to find the parents I once believed to be dead.

Finally, I am faced with a dilemma when coming face to face with my initial abuser. This is a true story of how, with determination and self-belief, I survived against the odds. 

I hope my experiences and coping mechanisms will inspire others to find their own way Beyond the Pain. Anyone suffering from mental illness, trauma, or the aftermath of abuse should read this book.

Published Works: Titles
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