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A little about me

I was born in the small town of Bangladesh, where I lived with my father, mother, brothers and sisters. I had a happy childhood with a loving family, but everything changed when I was ten years old. My family were well respected within the community, but our lives took a drastic turn after an incident with gangs left us scared and tormented. 

I was forced to flee Bangladesh without my family and come to London, where we believed I would be safe. A few months after I arrived in England I was exposed to the world of Modern-day slavery and unwillingly forced to transport drugs from England to the Highlands of Scotland. Exposing me to horrific living conditions and physical and emotional abuse. 

After four years of trauma, torment and terror, I was eventually rescued by local Police services in Ullapool, Scotland. My loving parents, Patsy and Freddy, fostered me and brought me to live with them in Wick, Caithness. 

Since I was rescued I have now been reunited with my family back home in Bangladesh and published two books (with the help of author Catherine Byrne) detailing my experiences and troubles as a human trafficking survivor and modern-day slave. I have also appeared in various media broadcastings and featured in articles with regional and national newspapers.

I am now using my past experiences to campaign around Scotland to inform youths in schools and local community members of the elaborate methods used by human trafficking organisers to capture their victims and the conditions that modern-day slaves are exposed to.

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